vacation staycation 2020

Dear purple butterflies,

As I continue to be quarantined in our home, my diagnosis of cabin fever seems to be getting worse with every passing day. Heaven knows there's not much I can do about it. Just like everyone else, I'm not able to cure it by seeing a movie at the theatre, shopping at the mall, or going on a weekend trip with Dale. However, if we can't physically go somewhere, how much fun would it be to turn our home into a vacation resort?

This could be a fairly inexpensive, and a simple project could work on to pass the time. Dale loves to cook so we could look up some recipes from our favorite getaways. If all goes as planned, we'd have a great time relaxing at home. One article I am using for reference is The completely correct guide to vacationing at home to vacationing at home. Before we were all confined to our homes, Dale and I already planned to turn our guest room into a Beauty and the Beast themed room. Our original plans were to turn that room into a summer room for ourselves. The main reason why we wanted to do this was because our bedroom gets so hot during the summertime while the guest room stays cool all year long. When I was a little girl, my grandparents gave me a brilliant bed that dates back to the days of Abraham Lincoln. The headboard has a carving of a wolf. The bed will fit with all of the artwork I have in the room very nicely. Between the two of us, we don't have a lot of company that comes to visit. With that being said, we will continue with our plans to stay in the themed room during the warmer months. I love the animated feature of Beauty and the Beast and wanted to look back at some still photos so I can capture the essence of the award-winning film with the French countryside. Once the colder months come back, we'll return to the master bedroom.

Have you noticed that social media has been exploding with virtual tours for all members of the family lately? Social distancing: Six virtual tours you can take if you’re stuck at home is a great one to check out. Even though SWEET THINGS TO DO WHILE SOCIAL DISTANCING does have a couple of things to do outside the house, it offers activities while you're inside the home too. Since Dale and I don't live in Florida anymore, Dale and I love to go onto YouTube and watch rides POV style from theme parks. Surprisingly there are so many videos of popular rides. If you were not already aware of this, I would recommend it! Believe it or not, it helps!

My best friends and I are starting a new tradition where every week we are video chatting through Facebook messenger. What girl doesn't have nail polish? I could set it up with my girls in a comfy area, all do our nails, and catch up! It would be a virtual pamper night! Something we could add to our vacation staycation is before we fall asleep, it's not uncommon to find a storm sound or beach sound. It's so relaxing! You and I both know that staying at home will never replace getting away from it all. It will be so hard for me to not do chores around the house. The whole purpose of the vacation staycation is to relax and to pretend you're away from it all.

Until this is all over with, we're all doing what we can to maintain our sanity. I pray all of you are still doing well! That's all for this week purple butterflies!

Be well!


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