To my future self

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Dear Rachel,

Greetings from the twenty-fifth of April, in the year of our Lord, two thousand and twenty! I pray this letter finds everyone is doing well in the year two thousand and thirty! Just to prove that I am you, I'll share something personal. Camille and I were talking today about how I wanted to wait out the Corona Virus before I went to see the Neurologist. However, I heard today there's going to be a second wave. Are you having a

Back To The Future moment yet?

Life in quarantine with this virus has been horrible worldwide. It has started what some call the next depression. I'm not sure about overseas but I know nationally, businesses have sales, some fired employees, and even closed up shop. I have to admit the sales have been excellent, but I feel awful for the people who don't have jobs. As it gets closer to May, we both know what's right around the corner. I'll admit I was hoping Dale, dad, and I would be able to eat at that diner on the eighth. It looks like they too will be closed. At least Dale can have some macaroons and Italian food delivered instead. We can never say no to that!

Remember when Dale and I switched computers with dad? It's such a weight off of our shoulders that it's now easier to accomplish our goals! It's disheartening when I am not able to get out to bed to use it. I try not to be too hard on myself. The desktop will be well-loved here. Do you know what I hadn't thought about? Last night I was using video messenger with Camille and Brandi for our weekly chats. I have one more option to use other than the cell and the iPad now. I have no idea why I didn't think of this before! If anyone outside this home is watching me work, I'm sure I resemble a kid in a candy shop!

I am so proud of you, Rachel! You're the most capable person I know. Just look at how far you have come! You have overcome things that most people could never handle. You've experienced extraordinary things within your lifetime that you need to hold onto. Remember this, never lose sight of who you are and those who love you.

Be well,


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