Thank goodness for Technology

Dear purple butterflies,

How many times have we all heard, social media caused a problem today because of x, y, and z; or don't buy this product, but this one instead? Whether we admit it or not our lives are entangled in technology for the long haul. Since a vast majority of the world leaders recommend social distancing, we're finding comfort in our phone and computer apps.

While my next-door neighbors might be complaining about it, I am already a pro at this. Given the opportunity, I would be thrilled to meet my friends for the afternoon. However due to my situation, it doesn't always happen. There are times that it is challenging for me to even leave the house. I was due to see my Neurologist at the end of the month, but I am waiting for the pandemic to be over with before I see her.

It is amazing how far cell phones have developed. I can still recall my very first cell phone, or as they were called back then, car phones. They were enormous! Text messaging has assisted me more times than I can count. When I am suffering, and can't talk, texts are a lifesaver! Facetime is another brilliant invention! I confess I have not used this app as often in the past. Although, I might reconsider its capabilities. Two of my best friends don't live in Texas, so I am not able to see them as often as I'd like to. Facetime is the next best thing for us to see each other in between visits.

It doesn't stop with just the phone calls, texts, and face timing! I can take care of all of my medication with the touch of an app on my phone! Times can be difficult today, and I am quite ready for things to go back to normal. Reflect on what our lives would be like, if we had to stay away from one another without technology. It sure is comforting that we have technology to assist us.

Till next time butterflies! Be well!


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