My Fibromyalgia Bedroom

Dear purple butterflies,

Through the forty-four years of my life on this planet, my bedroom has undergone many overhauls. I pay attention to the rest of the house, yet it’s the bedroom that calls me back. It may be that I find myself in fifty percent of my day resting. Since I spend a great deal of time in this room, my ultimate goal was to make it chronic pain friendly. Over time, we pieced together a room that can suit my needs as a purple butterfly. This is what we always have in the bedroom:

· A nightstand that has drawers for my medicine containers; a second level for my laptop

· A backpack next to the bed with medicine

· A mini fridge located adjacent from my side of the bed. {see picture below}

· A Skye Base 300 Two-Piece Horizontal Split bed frame

· Two (max) firm pillows for support (for me)

· Bed trays

· Monthly pillbox

· A multi remote control holder (found ours at CVS)

· My walking stick adjacent to my bed. I used to call it my Obi Wan, but more recently I call it my Rey Skywalker. {see picture}

{This magic chef mini fridge is not exactly the one we own, but it looks pretty darn close to it!}

The most expensive item on this list was the Skye Base. Although at the time we bought it, we were already in serious need of another mattress. It has helped my back a great deal. For those of you who have horrible sinuses, it’s nice to prop yourself up without the struggle. Ultimately it comes down to whatever suits your needs. I don’t feel that the base was a bad investment because in our older age, Dale and I may require it. We may need to have it replaced by then, but at least we are experienced shoppers. What kind of things do you have in your bedroom? Is it a Fibro room like mine? Have you always had it this way? Did you rearrange things a lot in the past? Have you ever tried a Skye Base? I’d love for you to let me know in the comments down below!

Please continue to stay safe purple butterflies! Till next time! Be well!

~ Rachel

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