Mindful Mondays# 17: The Art Of Courage

How many of you can say that they’ve mastered the art of having courage? Don’t worry if you are not quite there yet. Courage comes in variety of different forms, to assist us where we might need it the most. Never forget, that you have always had courage. However, you may not even realize it. It may be a hard thing to do but, try not to compare yourself with others. You are a unique individual. At this very moment, someone has found the strength to carry on despite the challenges they’re facing. Could this person, be you?

There have been many times I, too, have failed at noticing how I have been courageous. Chronic Pain and I are old friends. While I am taking the steps that I need to control this bad boy, it is no easy feat. Quite often, I receive strange looks when I laugh in the face of The Dark Traveler. It wasn’t that long ago that I kept all of my emotions well hidden. I felt it was my burden to bear. No one wanted to hear about my aches and pains, or even cared. If I considered myself to be strong, I also needed courage. Until I joined the Fibro Blogger Directory last year, I was unaware of anyone else who could truly comprehend the same type of pain intensity. I’ve always been a huge advocate for making, as well as, keeping friends. Letting go my heavily guarded gates of pain, was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. For the rest of September, Fibromyalgia warriors around the world will raise awareness for pain.

Everyone knows that pain is not limited to the physical aspect. Seeking help after the loss of a loved one is another great example of courageousness. Although the two share similar qualities, pain from heartache can be immobilizing. Even if there was a giant pill to help with the agonizing loss of a loved one, it wouldn’t mend your feelings forever. I have always preferred to seek spiritual guidance rather than take yet another pill. Since I was in grade school, I’ve been obsessed with fairytales. While I was in college, I took a children’s literature class. Did you know that the original versions of children’s fairytales were meant to teach lessons? Luckily Hollywood decided to remake those tales; and long gone are the days of the demented stories. 25 of The Best Family Movies For Teaching Honesty, Grit, Courage & More discusses how it is “scientifically proven that movies have the ability to persuade and teach our children.” Just as an example of what she’s talking about, she lists Disney’s live action Cinderella (2017). The movie motto throughout is “have courage and be kind.”

If we ever get the chance to meet, you come to know I am a realist. There are things in this world beyond my control, even so I try to keep pushing forward. It’s so far deep-rooted inside of me that when depression does strike, it fails. I’ve come too far to quit. I believe that as humans we all need kindness, compassion, and courage. For those who are too ill to fight for themselves, they need to be reminded to not give up hope. Do you know when you found your courage? Has your courage always stayed with you? I would love to hear your responses! Please leave your comments down below for me.

Please continue to stay safe purple butterflies! Till next time! Be well!

~ Rachel

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