Mindful Monday's #6: Inhale, exhale, inks-piration

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

For anyone who has ever written an original composition, they have experienced writer’s block within their lifetime. When Fibro Fog moments happen, Fibromyalgia patients can be forgetful, and have a hard time concentrating. Mixed with the two, it can be insufferably frustrating to the point of depression. This is exactly what we don’t what to happen to anyone, no matter what their situation.

Journaling has been something I have doing since I was very young. I was considering picking it back up again. 10 tips for mindful writing and meditative journaling by inspired me to start journaling again. I had never even thought about concentrating my breathing before I blogged. This article gives great tips. It has convinced me to rethink my own goals, whether I am writing or creating visual art.

While mindfulness can strengthen one's creativity, creativity can, in turn, strengthen the practice of mindfulness. Getting into the routine of writing down your observations can help you practice being more aware of your thoughts and surroundings, and therefore enrich your creativity.

These are the sections that are going to be the most beneficial for me:

3. Breathe before writing; 7. Make mindful observations; 8. Make mindful narrations.

I would love to get to a discussion going about the article! What part helped you the most? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great week!

~ Rachel

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