Mindful Monday's #5 : Embrace Your Boredom

I can distinctively remember the first time I heard the misconception about only children. Only children must be bored being alone all the time, right? Wrong! I am an only child. In my experience, it all depends on the situation and the individual. In my case, I grew up next to childhood friends, so I rarely felt alone or bored. As I got older, I didn’t have to entertain myself as I once did. Dale is also an only child. It is rare, but he and I do like to do our own separate things. This is when I began embracing my boredom.

Let me explain, late last night I was having my usual restless leg situation. This meant to stop our plans and call it an early evening. I thought surely, I had ruined our anniversary. Shortly after I took my medication, we had a huge thunderstorm come through our part of Dallas. I love it when this happens because the weather usually misses our area. We have a ritual for when it’s raining at our house. The lights, TV, and A/C are turned off, and our windows are opened. Even though I was still uncomfortable, I was able to embrace my boredom by shutting out the world. By concentrating on the storm, I was able to give it my best shot at not thinking about my pain. Watching the storm transported me to another place for a while. There is something intoxicating about listening to a thunderstorm. I’ve never asked Dale, but for me there is something magical about letting boredom take over.

Have a wonderful week purple butterflies! ~ Rachel

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