Mindful Monday#32: Have a Pooh day

Happy Monday y’all!

You wouldn’t happen to have any honey, would you? You might want to hide it! Especially when a small, brown bear “all stuffed with fluff” comes sniffing around your neighborhood! Who could I be talking about? Pooh of course! Winnie, the Pooh that is! Out of all of the Hundred Acre Wood characters, who is your favorite? I was always partial to Pooh bear. I believe it’s because of his childlike wonder that attracts me to him. He’s also cute a button! Towards the beginning of this month, I stumbled upon Most of last year, I followed several awareness sites. While those websites are great and informative, Stacey’s site is so inspiring! I wish I had come up with this idea! By taking ordinary days, she turns them into unique family-oriented celebrations. These celebrations help reinforce important life lessons and (in this case) teach about a famous author. Jan. 18th is A.A. Milne’s birthday! In honor of Mr. Milne, Stacey turned his birthday into “Winnie the Pooh day.” How cool is that?

Did you know?

· Winnie-the-Pooh's first appearance was as an unnamed character in A.A. Milne's 1924 collection When We Were Very Young: "A bear, however hard he tries/Grows tubby without exercise."

· Winnie-the-Pooh was published on Oct. 14, 1926 and was an immediate success, selling 35,000 copies in the U.K. and over 150,000 copies in the U.S.

· Though A.A. Milne was British, Winnie-the-Pooh was not. The real bear who inspired him, Winnie, was a Canadian female black bear

· Christopher received a teddy bear on his first birthday from his father, Alan Alexander Milne. It was an 18-inch bear from Harrod's department store in London, and it could growl.

· The bear was originally called Edward, but Milne and his son eventually renamed the stuffed teddy Winnie after the adorable black bear at the London Zoo.

· The "Pooh" part of Winnie-the-Pooh comes from a swan that Milne and his son encountered on vacation. They called the swan Pooh, which Milne described in When We Were Very Young.

· October 14, 2016 was Walt Disney’s Winnie the Pooh 90th anniversary!

· It was the Sherman Brothers who coined the phrase “all stuffed with fluff” for the cuddly bear during his title song.

We can all acknowledge that forgetting things is not fun! Here’s something interesting to consider about Fibro fogs. Of all of the characters in the hundred-acre wood, Winnie is always the one who is forgetting things. Thinking about Pooh bear will help me get through these frustrating times. It might even help to buy a stuffed Winnie the Pooh to snuggle. I feel a shopping trip in the near future!

Did you grow up with Winnie the Pooh, too? What comforts you during Fibro fog moments? What is your opinion about thinking of Pooh bear? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please let me know in the comments down below! Please continue to stay safe purple butterflies! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today! If you’re enjoying my blogs, why not subscribe to my website? My blogs will go straight to your email. It’s free to sign up! Tell your friends! Tell your friends to tell their friends!

Till next time! Be well!

~ Rachel

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