Mindful Monday# 30: Perceptive paws &you

Updated: Jan 5

Happy Monday everyone!

Are you ready to start working on your mindful resolutions for this year? I bet it would not shock you, if I said that stay in shape was the number one goal every year for people. I’ll be working on weight this year as well. Exercising alone can become quite lonely. What if there was a fun way to lose weight and spend time with your pup? Did you know that January is Walk Your Dog Month? I believe that humans need to stay as healthy as they can too! As a Fibro butterfly, I’m doing what I can to keep active with my Dad’s dog, Brittany. We bring her over to our house, where she has a larger running area to play. I’ll walk back and forth with her, for as long as I’m able to. According to the article Mindfulness and your dog,

Mindfulness is a component of many relaxation techniques, including yoga, deep breathing, tai chi, massage, reflexology, journaling, and prayer. You can also easily use the technique while walking with a dog. In fact, let your dog show you how. Notice how joyously present she is when out in the world: her head is up, her tail is wagging, and she's alert and taking it all in. She is open to new sights, smells, sounds, people, and animals. Each walk is an adventure.

Try this:
· As you start your walk, take a moment to bring your attention to the sensations in your body.
· Breathe in through your nose. Let your abdomen expand fully. Then breathe out through your mouth. Notice the sensations of each inhalation and exhalation.
· As you continue to walk, engage your senses fully. Notice each sight, touch, and sound. Savor every sensation.
· When your mind wanders — and it undoubtedly will — gently bring your attention back to the moment, including your dog's delight at being with you and outdoors.

Even though I’ve had both cats and dogs all of my life, I’m partial to cats. Whenever I’m upset or scared, Lucy always senses this and comforts me. Toby is my cuddle buddy. After I read the article about the pups, my curiosity got the best of me to search for cats and mindfulness. I felt confident I already knew the answers. I was completely unprepared for the cuteness for the answers on 6 steps to mastering “cat-mindfulness”. These Benefits of Having a Pet Will Have You Adopting a Furry Friend Before You Know It reminds us by having a furry friend during this pandemic will help boost your outlook on life. If you don’t currently own a cat or pup, but you’ve always wanted to? Go to your local shelter! One good thing did come from last year, which was animal adoptions grew to 1,200 in the U.S.! Are you neither a cat nor a dog person? There’s lots of other animals that need homes at pet shops. I know they’ll make wonderful companions while this world heals and beyond.

Do you have any pets at home? What kind of animal, how many, and did you adopt them? I’d love to hear how they’re keeping you mindful! Let me know in the comments below! Please continue to stay safe purple butterflies! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today! If you’re enjoying my blogs, why not subscribe to my website? My blogs will go straight to your email. It’s free to sign up! Tell your friends! Tell your friends to tell their friends!

Till next time! Be well!

~ Rachel

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