Mindful Monday# 24: Creating Art through pain

Hi everyone,

Every week I work very hard to send you my best blogs. Quite recently, my lower back pain levels have become intolerable. I am very fortunate that it's towards the end of the year, so hopefully I will only have to wait just a bit longer for my back surgery. All of this being said, I hope you will forgive me in recycling one of my favorite blogs that I posted last year. I felt the blog was appropriate and I hope you enjoy it!

Years before my diagnosis, I caught the visual art bug. When I watched The Little Mermaid for the first time back in 1989, I got goose bumps during the scene where Arielsings “Part of Your World,” Ever since then I dreamed of working at “The Walt Disney Animation” as an animator. Fast forward to 2001, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration as well an Associate in Multimedia and Computer Animation. I didn’t get the job working for Disney (or any other company) but in my opinion I have the dream job now. I work from home where I am my own boss. I am writing and illustrating the first of what I hope to become a series of young adult books.

**My latest character, Frannie Mae. She is named after my mother and my grandmother's. The second picture is a color study.**

As anyone who suffers from chronic pain will tell you, every day is different. For instance, there are days where I can get out of my bed, sit at my desk and work. Then there are days where I have to bring everything I need into the bed and work from there. When I was getting my Illustration degree, my passion became character development (character creating). I love creating characters because I put a little piece of me in each one them. This is my preferred way of coping with my situation. I don’t have Fibromyalgia, go the doctor regularly, or take medications all day long. Whether I am writing or drawing, it is therapeutic. I’m almost hypnotized. The only thing that

brings me back down to reality is when I’m hurting so badly I simply can’t ignore it. At this point, I have to call it a day and pick it up where I left off the next day.

The only negative to being an illustrator and a writer is that I keep making changes to my book! I need to finish it first, then go back and revise it. I am half way done and so far I worked on it for six years. Fingers crossed I will finish it this year! Please continue to stay safe purple butterflies!

Till next time! Be well!

~ Rachel

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