Mindful Monday #23: Tricks to treating the whole family on Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

Recently I’ve done a once through of all my blogs, when I came across the I did for Halloween last year. My goodness, how times have changed just over a year! A friend and I were reminiscing about the fun times we had when we would go trick or treating. Shortly after this, she told me her kiddos still go out on Halloween! Here I thought I thought that was a thing of the past!

Since this year has brought unforeseen things, many of you may opt to stay home for the big night. In case you need some suggestions, I found a couple of Halloween videos that are fun for everyone! There are a lot of great videos like these out this year. I chose the Halloween virtual party for safety reasons, the whole family can pitch in, and it’s minimal clean up. If you have followed me on social media at all, you will understand why I added Mickey’s Halloween party! It was canceled this year in the parks, but this video is from 2019. The parade is absolutely wonderful! A plus for watching this video is, you won’t have to stand in the crowds waiting to get out of the park after it’s all over with!

· Halloween VIRTUAL PARTY For All Ages | Online Halloween Activities For All | Zoom Halloween Party

· Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Live Stream - Walt Disney World

So, what did you do for Halloween? Did you dress up, stay in for scary movies? Let me know in the comments down below which video your family tried or one you all liked the most! Please continue to stay safe!

Till next time! Be well!

~ Rachel

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