Mindful Monday #22: No.1 reason why Rita wants you!

Do you remember earlier this year, when you heard Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were tested positive for COVID-19 while staying in Australia? Rita had been busy with shows at the Sydney Opera House. She remembers taking the time to be very careful, and to not shake hands with anyone. Every once in a while, someone would stand too close to her. At this point, she would become vocal about the coronavirus handshake. While on a tour of the Sydney Harbor, “that afternoon, I started feeling really achy and tired, and I thought it was because we were out in the elements and maybe I was jet-lagged,” Wilson said. Her symptoms went from bad, to worse where she was hospitalized for three weeks. I recall feeling so relieved to hear they had both recovered.

Now that the flu season is here, she plans to get a flu shot! She wants YOU to get one too!

“The way I look at it is, we wear masks to take care of the people that we love and make sure that people we care about in our community aren’t at risk. [Just like] if someone you care about gets in the car: You ask them to put on their seat belt. I [put the flu shot] in that same category. Just do what’s safe,” Wilson said.

Most people do not comprehend the importance of getting their flu shot. Last year, there were 740, 000 patients in the hospital and 62,000 deaths just from the flu alone. Since Rita’s recovery, she has worked with the American Nurses Association as well as Sanofi Pasteur (The Race to 200 Million) to spread consciousness about the importance of the flu vaccine during this pandemic.

This fall and winter season, there are infinite reasons why it’s important for you to take your family’s health, as well as your own seriously. Please check out this article on Healthline: Why COVID-19 Survivor Rita Wilson Is Urging Others to Get a Flu Shot. I hope after reading my blog, everyone will get a flu shot this year! God willing, we will have a vaccine for the COVID by next year! Please continue to stay safe purple butterflies!

Till next time! Be well!

~ Rachel

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