Mindful Monday #20: My One Year Blog-aversary!

It’s officially October! That means it’s time to celebrate my anniversary as a blogger for the Fibro Blogger Directory! I am so excited to share my celebration with all of you! I concur with the sentiments of my fellow Fibro friends that celebrate their first year along with me. I can tell how much I’ve grown, not just as a writer, but as a person within the last year. I recall when I started out, I was extremely nervous. Sure, I felt confident that I knew a lot about the material. Before I my brought my thoughts to paper (or rather the computer screen), I mainly spoke to my close friends and family for support. I felt confident they all cared what I spoke about. My question was, would anyone else read my blogs? I held my breath and took a chance. Joining the directory, has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s allowed me to learn things, that I may not have ever known. Some of the blogs that I’ve read, have shown me topics from another perspective. Above all of these things, I have loved the opportunity to meet fellow butterflies from around the world.

I am the biggest cheerleader for making new friends. I am blessed to have new friendships with whom I’ve met along my journey. Even though we are all spread out all over the world, we’ll keep in touch for a long time. Judging by the comments I’ve received, I believe my readers enjoy that I do my best to look on the positive side. Doing so while having a chronic illness is not as easy as it looks. I have never been one to continually show off. Although, to toot my own horn it takes great strength and courage to remain positive. I’ve also tried other things with my blogs. My followers seem to like the poems I have created so far. Since they’ve been a hit, I plan to keep it going! I am so thankful for the opportunity that I’ve been given. I foresee great things in my blogging future! Thank you all for following me!

Please continue to stay safe purple butterflies! Till next time! Be well!

~ Rachel

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