Mindful Monday #18: Your Fall Wardrobe

Fall time officially begins tomorrow, September 22nd, 2020! Where did the summer go? With that being said, take a moment to think about how comfortable your warmer clothes feel. Do you prefer loose fitting sweaters? Are you one to wear cozy flannel pants everywhere you go? I am more times than not this type of girl. No matter where I go, despite the time of year, I love walking in loose fitting pants. It’s not to say that my other pants didn’t fit, or they hurt to wear them. I enjoy that comfy year-round feeling. It doesn’t take long to understand that the softer material, the faster those items are going to fly off the shelves. Even though I may have a full closet, I love buying new clothes! I try and purge my wardrobe at least every year to two years. I find this works for me to know what I own, if it still fits, and gives me time to reorganize things if I want to.

Have you ever thought about what the color of your fall clothes might mean? Take a gander at Fall Colors & Their Associated Emotions. True, this article doesn’t list all of the fall colors. However I found Fall/Winter 2020-21 Color Trends talks about the shades the other blog missed. My favorite times of the year are Spring and Fall, mostly for the wonderful color choices.

Please continue to stay safe! Till next time! Be well!

~ Rachel

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