Mindful Monday #13 : A DIY Beginners guide to home renovation

Have you always wanted to update your home? Maybe you’re a first-time homeowner like we are, but you weren’t sure where to start? Is there anyone in your family that’s crafty? When I was single, I was accustomed to calling a repairman; it never occurred to me that I could probably do the project for half the cost. There’s no denying, the do it yourself craze has grown in popularity since the Corona virus! DIY home repairs is a great way to save money, after all. It can be stressful, however, when the darn instructions aren’t clear. It becomes a chore at this point, and then I have to call someone to help! In 2020, not everyone has the means to do what they’d like with their living quarters. Please know this is okay, there is nothing wrong with making plans. Pinterest is a wonderful website to collect concepts. We inherited this home from my grandparents. It was built in 1966, so it needs some tender love and care. We got our fence in 2015, and we’re painting one room at a time.

Never fear about endlessly searching for websites about home improvement ideas! I found an awesome one: 12 Home Improvement Ideas for Beginning DIYers. I saved Dan Stout’s article to my computer for upcoming references on our home projects.

Let me remind you why you are considering this project. One, it should bring the family together. As long as they aren’t toddlers, consider letting everyone in the family take part in this opportunity! It’s a bonding experience! Two, this project should relax you! I pray your home provides a safe, loving space always. Hopefully your family will continue to grow. Generations to come will fill your home with laughter, love, and happiness. This is what the world needs right now.

Please continue to stay safe! Till next time! Be well!

~ Rachel

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