Mindful Mondays #9: Indulging Your Inner Child

Before reading the rest of today’s Mindful Monday blog, I’d like for you to take a few moments that are meant just for you. It is important to clear your mind, and block out the outside world as much as you are able to. Make sure that you turn off the television. It’s okay to have the radio on as long as your choice of relaxing music is playing. If you’ve just come home from work, you might change into more comfortable clothes. You may even wish to meditate before continuing to read this blog. Take your time to concentrate on your answers.

Thinking back to your childhood, ask yourself the questions below. Take your time to concentrate on your answers and write your answers down on a piece of paper:

o What was my favorite thing to do?

o Can you still remember your favorite food? What was it? Have your taste buds changed or is it still the same?

o Did you have a favorite game to play?

o Was there a book series that you have read over and over again?

o Are you in touch with any neighborhood or old school friends?

As we get older, we don’t take enough time to stop, and smell the roses. In the United States, we are famous for working long hours until retirement. Even after retirement, some of us end up taking part time jobs. Americans could take a lesson from other countries in how to handle business as well as their schooling. Throughout the planet, all mankind slowly forgets how to indulge their inner child. By releasing your inner child, it may help to reduce stress. With all that is happening on our planet, there’s no harm in taking time to relax as much as possible. Look at your response for the favorite thing you used to do as a child. Why not make plans to do that once a month? Did you remember your favorite food, game, and book series? How about making your favorite food for dinner one night? By sharing a piece of yourself to your family, and friends, it could lead to a lasting bond.

I completely understand the need to be around others. Families are very important. I am simply suggesting take care of yourself first. This is the first rule for a person who becomes a care giver. I know this from personal experience. Please let me know in the comment section down below what you thought about this exercise. Let me know how or if you shared your memories with anyone! I am curious to see your answers!

Till the next Mindful Monday! Wishing you a great week ahead! Rachel

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