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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Dear purple butterflies,

Do you ever forget which medications you have taken? This has been happening

to me more frequently than it used to. To be honest with you, it scares the heck outta me. This past week, I looked on my iPhone for Fibromyalgia apps. I needed an app to monitor if I had already taken a medication that particular day. When it comes to keeping track of my medications, I have a backpack to keep by my bedside at all times. Yes, I even have special color coated containers and alarm times set especially for my medications. I simply got preoccupied and stopped putting them in those containers like I should’ve been doing. When I experience my Fibro fog’s, I forget what meds I have taken. Then, I’m up a creek without a paddle! Despite my own decision to stay quarantined, I find things around the house that are keeping me very busy all day long.

While the task may sound quite simple, it was a bear to decide on just one.

I found several apps that had a rating of four to five stars. However, I only found three apps that fit the requirements I needed. It was a hard choice to make. I did something that I had not done in years. I made a list of pros and cons for each of the apps.

1. My Therapy

Did I pay for it? yes


· It has clearly marked list of choices at the bottom of the screen (today, progress, team, and treatment

· The track option lets you easily add a variety of things (medication now, blood pressure now, labs now, activity now, and symptom now). I really loved the option to track the medication.

· It has a planned, duration, frequency, reminder, alarm, inventory and times for all the medications you list.

· It does give me the option to write to the company to ask questions or make suggestions to improve the app.


· It’s a little confusing when you’re trying to add symptoms. It appears as if you need to fill out a questionnaire to do so.

· Under the adding symptom check detail, it won’t let me add a symptom!

2. My Pain Diary 2

Did I pay for it? yes


· It too has clearly marked list of choices at the bottom of the screen (history, graphs, reports and tools)

· It has a user-friendly way to add medications for schedules (or if you prefer to add as needed)

· You are able to track your symptoms (i.e. I added Fibro and how I was feeling that day)

· I absolutely loved that they had directions on the screen (in case of a Fibro fog?)

· I appreciated the section for the discontinued medications.

· You are able to add medications in the symptom tracker of this app


· The app does not offer any medication reminders

3. Sprout Care

Did I purchase it? no


· It also has clearly marked choices at the bottom of the screen (schedule, health log, summary, doctor visits, and more)

· It has a user-friendly way, to navigate through the app.

· It has weekly schedules made out with times set for your medications

· The section for adding to the schedule is easily found on the screen

· The app offers a huge search list for your medications (plus adds a place for details and notes for each medication)

· It offers to send you notifications for when you need to take your medication


· This app will not let you add more than three medications or schedules without paying for it. (You have to upgrade to the premium).

After much thought, I decided to go with My Pain Diary 2. I hope those purple butterflies

will give it a chance! As always, I pray y’all are continuing to remain safe!

Till next time purple butterflies! Be well!


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