A Playlist for mom

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

In celebration of the wonderful mother’s who have always been there for us, I have put together a playlist just for them. This is my way of saying thank you for everything you do. I’d like to prepare you for song number ten, and eleven. They are definitely tear jerkers! Enjoy! 1) ”Sunrise, sunset,” by Perry Como 2) “Slipping through my fingers” by ABBA 3) “Mama said” by The Shirelles 4) “A thousand miles” by Vanessa Carlton 5) “I’ll be there” by The Jackson Five 6) “In my daughter’s eyes” by Martina McBride 7) “Because you loved me” by Celine Dion 8) “Mama’s song” by Carrie Underwood 9) “A string of pearls” by Glenn Miller

10) "I’ve been waiting for you” by ABBA 11) “My love, my life” by ABBA 12) “Mom” by Meghan Trainor

Article Reference for songs one through eight: 25 Mother-Daughter Songs That Celebrate Their Special Relationship Till next purple butterflies!

Be well!


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